Shining light.

Have you ever been so lucky to have a person enter your life and change your entire outlook? When you’ve hit a very dark place, you’re not quite sure what steps you need to take to jump back on the road to recovery..?

2017 was a year of many challenges, but one shining light changed my whole perspective on the way I see myself, and value myself as a mother. You see, sometimes it just takes those random acts of kindness to feel like you’re achieving great things, not just physically but mentally too.

Our family was lucky enough to have a shining light volunteer once a week for a few hours. Initially I was sceptical due to my personal boundaries, anxiety of stepping outside my comfort zone and accepting someone new into my life.. we bit the bullet and did it anyway, because honestly, I needed some help. Having a newborn, a toddler, studying business management and whilst hubby is MIA and working long days was tough, not afraid to admit that now. Our initial visit taught me that this volunteer was going to be so much more than I could’ve ever expected, sure she was there to help with the kids, but truth be told, she helped so much more with “me” than she’ll ever know…

Our shining light is the most wonderful, caring, thoughtful, positive person I’ve ever met. She has dedicated so much of her “spare” time (she’s always busy) to helping those in need.

She is the type of person that no matter how busy she is, she’ll always make time for someone else. She’d always drop in and check up on us whenever Hubby was away (get cross when I’d leave the front door unlocked). She would encourage us to get out of the house, our ritual was morning tea and a library visit for some toddler time. She would even bring me encouraging quotes, cards, orchids from her garden and chocolates because she knows how much I loved those.. our shining light taught me many things about myself, and most importantly she showed me who I want to be as a person. It is so important to speak to someone, if you’re ever feeling down, or don’t like leaving the house because those four walls are your comfort zone I encourage you to seek help and find your shining light. Or better yet, be that shining light for someone else, I certainly know I’ll be returning the favour..

Our weekly visits turned out to be some of the happiest memories I’ll ever have of our time in Sydney – and for that I am forever thankful. Our shining light has helped shape me to be a better version of myself, there’s always room for improvement but we’re back on the road to recovery.

Moral of the story, don’t suffer in silence, let someone help you, and help others around you.. you never know what someone else is going through.

❤ S

Change is as good as a holiday…

31 days. 31 days we’ve lived in a new town. For 31 days we’ve tried to adapt to the new lifestyle of what we know as, Military life. The only constant in this lifestyle is change…
For those of you that don’t know just how often your life is up-rooted in order to forfill a new “adventure” or posting as we know it, it’s roughly every 2-3 Years. It’s never easy, the packing/un-packing, finding a new home, physically getting there and lugging the family with you. The changes you become accustomed to due to the frequency of moving around in Military life become somewhat curious to those “civilians”.
The usual questions arise when you’re making conversation with those who are new in the adventure; “how long are you here for”, “ where’d you come from”, “when is he away again”? All of which I assume they’re being polite and trying to pay an interest in our life… but for us, the simple answer is, “I don’t know”. We’ve been apart of this lifestyle going on 6 Years now (which is fairly fresh in the scheme of things), within that time we’ve lived in 5 homes, 3 states, had two babies, adopted a dog and spent 60% of our time not living under the same roof – which is “normal”. Don’t get me wrong this lifestyle isn’t for the faint hearted, and it takes a shit load of patience to even remotely become accustomed to it, but don’t tell a military spouse “you knew what you were getting into”. Because the honest truth is no, no we didn’t. Sure we expected certain things from being the spouse, after all they’re trained to deploy and serve our country. We know simple things like they wear a uniform, but we didn’t realise how much control that uniform would have over our life. We expect them to work long days when they’re “home” but you wouldn’t expect to spend the entire day solo parenting, eating dinner alone and going to bed before he’s even “home”.
Some people say, change is as good as a holiday.. and in some cases I’m sure it would be, but I really need a holiday! Usually the posting period for a military family is during the Christmas holiday time, so there’s no such thing as a holiday, just the ass pain process of moving house and establishing yourself in a new location. I couldn’t tell you how truly isolating it feels leaving everything behind and starting fresh every few years, teaching the kids to be resilient, and staying resilient for your kids..
Sometimes the days are long, for those days I need wine – and I don’t even drink. cheers!



❤ S


What is sleep?

IMG_4554Welcome earthside little cherubs, and congratulations to all the Mumma’s for making it through the birth!
Let’s talk about the newborn sleep phase. We all spend countless hours awake at night with our newborn baby, feeding, fussing, and changing copious amounts of nappies. This is totally normal, and it’s normal to wonder why wont they sleep?! When you’re so sleep deprived it’s normal to even think what the fuck, what else can I do for this tiny human? Did I swaddle them too tight, do they have wind, did I change that nappy or was that 2 hours ago with the last feed? We spend so much money on all these gimmicks to try encourage their sleep at night, but let me tell you a little secret, they’re babies and unfortunately for us, babies don’t know how to sleep! They cannot perceive dark from light as their eyes have a lot of adjusting to do, and if, only if, your baby sleeps more than 4 hours in one block period at night, consider yourself blessed! 😂
I often read articles about mothers boasting how their little 4 week old baby was “sleeping through”, like thanks lady, thanks for giving me false hope that it’s possible.. ☹️
Besides the lack of sleep, the insane hormones and cracked nipples (TMI), those initial weeks and development leaps your tiny human experiences is all just a phase.. one day you’ll look back and it will all be a distant memory, or a blur because you’re so damn tired you don’t remember much! We’re all in the same boat Mumma’s, so let’s be kind and not mention it when your baby finally starts sleeping through. All we can gain from this is that, like anything, it will pass..

That’s all for now, my brain hurts from the sleep deprivation, good night/morning.


Until next time…

When you walk in the front door, baby, bag, keys, all in your arms. You stumble on his boots which have been left in the way… You don’t get mad, you simply feel whole again. You see his uniform draped over the washing machine, it’s so dirty you know you’ll need to wash it numerous times before the stank is gone.. The overwhelming feeling dawns upon you! The first words, the clumsy first steps, the cries for dadada at 3am, finally, you get to share your sons achievements, together, instead of documenting it all through photos and videos. Its those boots that mean your house is a home, that uniform shows that he is home.

The distance, the lack of contact, not knowing when you’ll hear from him, or if you will hear from him all keeps your heart beating for the next time you’ll be in his arms. For when your baby will have their dada home, when you can have your partner home, finally a helping hand with the struggle of night time routine! 

Although the lifestyle isn’t easy, sole parenting isn’t easy, nor is missing out on important milestones. The love we share makes it all worthwhile, until next time… 
❤ S

My right arm is missing…

As I sit and wait, there’s nothing but the silent echo of my anxious heart racing. My first weekend without my baby begins now! I assumed I would feel somewhat lost without him, the constant babbles and Dadada noises, the clunking of him smashing his toys on the floor, but this is far more than a “lost” feeling.. It’s indescribable how many emotions are running through my body right now, it’s like my right arm is missing! I should be feeling excited as I’m flying to the sunshine state to see my partner, but I feel, blank…. There’s no bottles to prepare, no banana to smash, I can shower in peace? What the?! 

To all the mums out there who experience this the first time you’re without your baby, I’m right there with ya! 😅😓😭

❤ a very emotional S.. 

What’s wrong with my baby?

As a new mum it can be overwhelming with the distressing cry of your baby. It’s the never ending question time of, are they hurt, are they tired, is he teething, is he hungry, did he poop?… It goes on and on, and on and on and on… I couldn’t tell you how long I’ve thought my son has been teething for. Ha! I will assure you after a while you will figure out what the different cries mean for your baby. 

A good friend of mine told me about Baby reflexology, it’s not something I’d heard of but this article is worth a read! It might not be for everyone but when you’re at your wits end, you’ll probably give it a go. If you’re a new mum and trying this, I’d love to hear your feedback! 

Simply click here:  

❤ S

Simple pelvic floor exercise.

Firstly I’d like to take a moment to appreciate all the mums out there, you’re doing a great job of raising that little cherub, keep on keepin’ on! Let’s briefly talk about the aftermath and how to find time to do a simple exercise.. 

If you’re reading this and your little one is sleeping, and you feel tired, stop right here!. This can wait, your sleep is more important!! 

Getting into your pre-pregnancy shape after having a baby can seem somewhat of a dream, as so many other things take up your much needed energy and time. If you manage to find the time it can be as simple as flexing and releasing to strengthen your pelvic floor, after all you want everything to stay where it should after pushing out that watermelon. 

Identifying these muscles can be tricky, one method can be tightening the muscles around your back passage (as when holding back wind or at the end of a bowel movement) haha! 

Now to get started, once you’ve identified these muscles you can do this exercise anywhere, standing, sitting or laying down. 

Start with your thighs slightly apart, relaxing your thighs, bottom and abdomen muscles. Concentrate on the pelvic floor muscles and tighten the ring of muscles surrounding your front and back passages. Hold these for 10 seconds and release, repeating 10 times. 

Give this post a like if you’d like to see more in depth exercise and I will include some photos of basic exercise routines.. 

That’s all for now, happy sleeping. 
❤ S 

A small introduction to the Mumma Life

As I sit here and try to create this blog, my son, Charlie, is currently sitting on my lap trying to destroy everything I touch. He’s 6 months old and a little path of destruction, my parents say it’s karma.. He’s the most beautiful little being I’d ever laid eyes on, he’s my greatest achievement and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’d like to mention this blog will feature some mum babble, healthy eating tips and a few postpartum exercises to help other mums out there feel savvy again. I hope you enjoy!

❤ S.